Firecracker Wine—1 out of 5 stars


ImageOK, this was quite a discovery. By that, I mean one that I likely won’t have again anytime soon. I was off and having a damned atrocious day while on vacation last October. I should preface this by saying that Dylan did an incredibly nice thing buying me this wine. He wasn’t sure what to get me and I told him to surprise me. Surprise it did. Again- he did me a huge favor. I feel obliged to disclose that before I trash the wine. He didn’t dislike it, the bit he had. I don’t recall if Felicia tried it or not, but I do think she did and gagged. Or smelled it and gagged. It wasn’t just me.

This wine is best described as having slight fruit flavors but those subtle tannins are overwhelmed by what can best be described as an overload of Aunt Jemima’s syrup. I felt like I should be at an I-Hop pancake-a-thon with this stuff. I did my usual trick- I shouldn’t say that, it sounds wrong!— I chilled the wine. Well, kids, that helped. Slightly. It turned from  an overly maple-based wine to an overly maple-based wine gel. It got very thick- like freaking pancake syrup!!! I give it this- prior to drinking it, I had no appetite. It did make me want to scarf down pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I had been eating a sub, which it did NOT work with well at all. If you are pairing it with anything, pair it with breakfast! Then you’ll have a winner.

The label- I actually liked the label on this wine. The price- according to Dylan- was pretty freaking reasonable. If you like log cabin goodness in a bottle, this is it! If you are looking for a luscious red wine, well, I don’t think this is it. If you’re the type of person who downs Riesling like Lewinsky downed Clinton, well, you’ll dig this wine. if not(and I am NOT a sweet wine lover), then you’ll be disappointed. I would not give this a huge pat on the back. I would, however, give it a huge pat of butter- right on top of the pancakes that I am using the wine to cover.


About generationgbooks

I read a ridiculous amount of books in a ridiculously quick amount of time. I read everything- fiction, history, sports, political science, fantasy, young adults, kids, romance- everything. I have worked in books almost half of my life now, and I never get bored with them. I need an outlet for books, where I can reach many people who may or may not give a fig about my opinions. I'm kind of known for rambling about books, so I figure it's about time I get off my lazy ass and take it to the blogosphere, where I have had the great luck of meeting many wonderful people inflicted with this book-disease. Personal stuff? Not much. I work too much, I'm single so I have more time to deal with this and less to deal with BS. I'm a die-hard Duranie and 80's fan. I am way too entertained with social media and astrology(for those of you who give a fig, I'm a Capricorn, or the sexier description- a seagoat.) for mine and the world's- own good. Only insanity can result from me blogging. That said, here goes!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Read the label on the back – “Natural flavors and caramel coloring added” – it’s not wine. Avoid this.

  2. agreed I found this wine at Target and it was disgusting. I too read the back of the label about the natural flavors and caramel coloring added. Gross, had to pour it out.

  3. I loved this wine!!!!! You have to like the real earthy and heavy wines… its not going to be good if you expect the sweet wine!!! The after taste of ths wine is un believeable… Keeps you wanting more… This is not a let me sit down and drink a whole bottle wine its a sipping wine……

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