Three Wishes Cabernet Sauvignon(3 out of 5)








ImageI was just posting about the importance of a light easy to drink red that goes with just about anything. I think I may have found it. Or my wine-clone may have found it. Or to be more accurate, Nancy found it. I would completely classify this as an “everyday wine”. 

I have tried Three Wishes Merlot and that was too much…too funky. This is also funky, but an easier to take(and taste) funky. There’s good funk(Prince and Parliament) and there’s bad(crotch rot and stanky ass feet). This is good. Just good. Not phenomenal. I can’t really detect much of a taste here, except that it’s not overly oaky and it’s not downright vinegar city. I just honestly can’t figure out what it tastes like- what the tasting notes are. If I didn’t know better, I’d say lima beans, but that’s impossible(It is, right? Right???). It does remind me of Sutter Home a bit, but Sutter Home, I can detect what wisps of what I’m drinking and smelling. Not the case here. I think if you need an easy wine to just have for a relaxing meal, this is great. I could easily pair this with Hamburger Helper or with chicken wings, and it would work. There aren’t a lot of durable wines in ways of matching up okay with multiple dishes- this is so light and indiscernible that it works. 

Whole Foods sells this. It goes for around $3.00 a bottle, so quite affordable. The label is very simple and very nicely done. I would recommend this as an everyday wine. If you need a good simply priced wine for dinner, this is a good choice. I wouldn’t serve it for New Year’s Eve or at someone’s wedding reception. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t serve it to Meatloaf either, but it’s sublime and simplistic, and there aren’t a lot of wines like that. Mucho star points for the easy to obtain, easy to pay for, and easy to pair with anything. 


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