Beaulieu Vineyards Pinot Noir(1 out of 5)


Image You’ll recall I reviewed- with ill-concealed glee- another one the wines from this vineyard months ago(Red Blend), and loved, loved, loved it. This wine shows that lightning does indeed not strike twice at the vineyard. While the red blend fulfilled many dreams of the penultimate red blend, this pinot did not make me write and sing arias to strangers on the El. It made my desire to find THE soulmate of the pinot noir wineset as soon as possible, if nothing else. Beaulieu Vineyards put out great wines- except this one, which just exists. 

Juicy and light is what you read—- light, oh yes, almost too much so! Juicy- well, it made me want Juicy Juice, does that count? Strong cherry, smoke, redwood, and some blackcurrant is what the notes tell you on the bottle. Well, cherry is there, but strong it is not. More like Neneh Cherry. Smoke? It makes you want to. Redwood? Redwood? Am I eating a tree or drinking wine? Blackcurrant reminds me of black crows. Which almost reminds me of mincemeat pie. Which is not yummy. Right there, in the notes, we have an issue, Houston. 

It doesn’t taste awful, despite my less than enthusiastic ramblings above. It has a light taste to it. However, too light to really register much. I had a second glass trying to taste all of the things listed on the bottle, as well as the BV website. I didn’t taste much of anything. A little spice and a wee bit of the blackcurrant, but really not much else. I’m at a loss to describe it beyond that. 

Biggest complaint—not much taste at all for me to get excited enough. It’s ok, but okay is not enough to give more than one star. A shame. If you’re doing a light steak- chopped, etc. you can probably get away with having this wine alongside it and it would work. Or a light tomato based soup- even crab bisque would likely work with this wine. Overall, not much satisfies with this. 


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