2009 Les Portes De Bordeaux (1 out of 5)


ImageI didn’t plan on this being a week of doing wine posts that are exclusive to stores I shop at, but it seems to be heading in that direction. I haven’t had Bordeaux since the heady days of 2006 when trouble was in the picture. I was long overdue for a Bordeaux. Unfortunately, this one didn’t rock my casbah.

Les Portes De Bordeaux is a Trader Joe’s exclusive. It has a medium body to the wine. When you uncork it to let it breathe, I would recommend doing so for a hour, instead of 30, as the bottle suggests. I let it go for a bit, and it didn’t bring out anything but a noseful of heady wine. After a hour went by, I went for a second glass, and it did help bring out the flavor. Whether that was the problem remains to be assumed, but I felt like this would have been a far less forgiving review if I had drank that one glass and re-corked it without letting it breathe longer. 

This wine tastes of cheesecloth and dust. Say what? Impossible. Well, if I am consuming a glass of some vino, I expect some flavors to pop out at me. There really is some weirdness going on here representing itself as taste. The first glass was uneventful; the second, a hour and half later, made me think of someone shoving a dusty cheesecloth in my mouth and then pouring water through it, and calling it wine. I felt like I had drank a liquified version of what someone used to clean up after a floor got replaced(something I know all too well about, unfortunately). Blech. I pass on the taste. 

When did it improve? For it did- after I corked it and put it in the refrigerator and chilled it for the last two days. I had one glass last night, and it is moderately better chilled. Who’d have thunk it? A lot of vinegar odor, and just not much at all in way of taste. This is in the same club, in my book, as the infamous Arbor Mist wines of youthful chugging. It’s still gagful, make no mistake, but I give it points for being a bit drinkable after refrigeration(something any wine expert will tell you is not recommended for red wine). I also really do enjoy the label. I think, seriously, that’s the best I can say about this wine.


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