2009 Red Diamond Merlot (5 out of 5)




I am not sure if I remember correctly how I first came into contact with Red Diamond Merlot. I think it may have been a wine listed at either Houlihans, or TGI Friday’s. I always get this vintage mixed up with Little Black Dress Merlot. I think the similarity of the bottles, the color in the names, and the fact that I cannot remember where I tried either for the first time, all combine to add to my cabinet of confusion. Dylan would likely remember. Anyway, definitely in my top 10 merlot list. I almost typed lust, but that wouldn’t have been too far from the truth either…..

After letting it breathe, you’re immediately greeted with a good whiff of fruit. Tasty fruit, not vinegar fruit(see Walker’s Red Wine review for details). First taste is heaven. The more you drink, the less you think. Meaning it’s a hell of a great tasting wine, and it’s close to 9 on the GBS(G Buzz Scale, nowhere near as life-altering as the Fujita Scale, but it can be a close call when wine is involved!). 

This merlot tastes of blackberry, cherry, and spice(not sure, maybe cardamon, nutmeg?). Some oak, but not overwhelming. The merlot tastes of delicious, not pencil shavings. It’s a medium boded wine, but the flavor is firm throughout. Even the finish is smooth, fruity, and long. The wine does not let up at all, even after a number of glasses have been had. Pair it with beef, tenderloin, a lean cut steak, even pasta. It’s the type of merlot that goes with just about any meat based dish. I wouldn’t recommend it with ribs, for the simple fact that the sauce you’re eating on the ribs may clash somewhat with the odorous fruit flavors in this wine, and it may be too much. One may cancel out the other. 

The label is fantastic. The wine normally retails for $11.99-$13.99. Wine alcohol level is 13.5%, so it has some pop. It’s a 92% Merlot with some Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. I do know it makes one hell of an awesome wine. 



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