Sangriana Sangria (1 out of 5)




I had given Aldi one last chance with their wines that are NOT Winking Owl(which I love, in case you haven’t read my previous reviews). I figured, I should try the Sangria. The fact that I kept mangling the name should have been a sign, but I thought I was mispronouncing like normal. Sangriana Sangria- sounds like a Duran Duran salsa tribute band that would play at Salt Creek Wine Bar. No, it’s the Aldi sponsored sangria. They should seek sponsorship elsewhere.

Your label says it’s imported from Spain. I have had Spanish Sangria. If this is from Spain, it’s Spain, Iowa. Sangria is typically reddish in color. This is orangeish with a dash of red for color(likely). I’m not sure if this is supposed to be alcoholic Tang substitute, or what liquor is supposed to be in here, but I cannot identify the wine. I can identify the taste- weak. Gross. Intangible, unless you want a liquid form of Old Milwaukee’s Best mixed with orangey wine. That’s what this tastes like. A whompful of yuck. According to the label, black currant, orange, and citrus. I don’t taste black currant anywhere in this mess. If I did, it may have saved it somewhat. If this is citrus, it would be like what you would imagine if Juicy Juice tried to go alcoholic, minus the alcohol. That’s what this is. My blood sugar tripled just looking at the bottle.

Speaking of which, that’s why I gave it one star. The label is hilarious- number one, the chica in question looks to be murdering a citrus grove–and believe me, that’s what the wine tastes like. The Violence of Vino, but pretending to be vino. Secondly, but more cool, is the fact that one of her arms appears to be a prosthetic. Terminator Chica making the wine. Sounds like a new sketch for the severely untalented Chris Kattan. A quick glance makes it look like she has her back turned on the menagerie of citrus. I would not blame her for turning her back on this. If you imagine she’s facing the mess, then it appears she has no face. Sangria sucked so bad her face vaporized????COOL. 

So a star for the cool images that the label brought forth. But that’s all from this wine blogger, because it is truly awful otherwise. 




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  1. I find sangriana value for money an enjoyable fruity drink and not too strong.I drink it with a handful of blueberries in the glass.its so good.pity my local aldi store no longer stock it.

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