Don Simon Seleccion Tempranillo(4 out of 5)



This may be love at first sight at Whole Foods. The place, as a whole, not as impressive as Trader Joe’s. But their wine and cheese section kicks ass. I thank whomever took that image above, for that’s all I was seriously digging on. Don Simon Tempranillo rocks!

I’m familiar with Three Wishes; one of the other trademark Whole Foods wine brands. I like it okay enough, but it didn’t take the chrome off my bumper, if you get my drift. This not only took the chrome off the bumper, it took the whole bumper as well! My reasons for choosing this? The name. Don owns the bookstore I work for; Simon is for LeBon. I know, what am I–5? Yes, yes, I am, but with better grammar, spelling, and multiple blogs.

The tempranillo is a Spanish wine. Maybe that’s why I picked this one. Not only the name, but the fact that it is a Spanish wine. Just yesterday morning I posted my blog about the Orangerina Sangria that Aldi sells, and how it claims it’s from Spain(Ohio). I was determined to have one true Spanish wine this month. Va voom! My wish has been granted. Thank you, Whole Foods, for that.

On first uncapping of the wine, you smell fruit. Nice, plump, fruit. Cherries and strawberries foremost, but you can smell(and taste) other berries. The taste doesn’t diminish its fullness of flavor, nor the full effect of the flavor, even when exposed to air for quite a while. It’s a deeply colored purple, so much so that it could be mistaken for a merlot or a port. There may be a little vanilla in there, and wine tasting notes on various sites(because I am curious when I cannot figure out what I’m tasting) say violets. Maybe that’s why the sweet smelling wine–even after hours. No flavor loss here. Very refreshing. Downside? Once you get toward the end of a glass (or two), it gets dry. Fast. Zoom, and then arid. Not horribly so, it’s just that you may need a pitcher of water or iced tea nearby. Don’t do what I did, and have a glass with Dr Pepper 10. Have it with a refreshing beverage- ie water, iced tea, limeade, something water based. You will need it to wash away some of the dryness.

All in all? Awesome, awesome wine. I took a star down because the dryness, once it hit, was pretty encompassing and it really brought down the vivacious flavor of this vintage. It works incredibly well with gluten-free pizza and cheeses(Red Dragon, Colby Jack, and Rum Runner Bella Vitano). I’m sure delicious bison and turkey burgers with bacon would work really well here.

As far as I know, Don Simon is an exclusive Whole Foods wine(thank you, Felicia, for correction). It retails for $3.99 and is a steal. Go get yourself a bottle


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