2012 La Riojana Triada Malbec (4 out of 5)




Well, I found this recently- as in two days ago, at Walgreen’s. I forgot about it, but then I saw it Friday night on my way home from work. This time I bought it. I was not sorry to do so. I wanted a new wine to try so I could review it on the blog. I haven’t had a good Malbec in a bit, so I was thrilled to examine the label and see it was one. Retailing at $5.99, it’s a reasonable price, and a new adventure I’m glad I took. 

A pleasing dark red, purple violet color combination, the smell was slightly acidic in nature when I let it breathe. It tastes strongly of plum, violets, and some spice. It is robust in flavor, this is no shrinking violet wine (despite it coming from Walgreen’s, not a wine store). It’s a 12.5% alcohol rating, but it really tipped my canoe over quickly. I had it with turkey burgers, salad greens, and fava beans. And it worked out well. It greatly complimented my dinner. I would advise all to continue trying it with burgers and perhaps some roasted vegetable kabobs. I think the most excellent flavor would benefit from making do with some grilled vegetables and burgers. This has a long-lasting flavor, high on the tannins, and a medium finish. I really enjoyed this wine. It would be a great weekday dinner with the in-laws wine (Nancy, are you listening?) and it’s quite affordable. There’s no acerbic aftertaste, just mellow plum on the tongue.

Definitely worth a try! 


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  1. I’m a fan of malbecs and a fan of cheapness but this wine did not win me over at all. Painfully sugary. Notes of froot loops predominate.

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