Sutter Home Pink Moscato (3 out of 5)




First post in a while. There’s a reason, but it’s not worth going into. I will say that this blog will likely be moving to another domain soon, and those of you who do follow me and comment on these posts will have to do so again, in a new time and a new bat channel. I apologize in advance. In the meantime, onto the wine.

I did enjoy this crisp pink moscato. It has a somewhat sweet, caramel odor to it once you uncork it, and that is the first thing that jumps off the tongue. There is a nice blend of passionfruit, some melon, and maybe, just maybe, a small bit of apple. The apple isn’t as noticeable, but it’s definitely there, just a little burst of it. It is a really good, light wine without too much sweetness to it. The fruit flavors provide a nice setting for any meal that’s light. I think this wine would go well with light dishes, salads, Hawaiian pizza, and any veal dish that may have a sweet sauce base.  If you’re doing cheese (as I often am with wines I review), it would go great with the dill havarti and also the apple-smoked gruyere. 

Since it’s Sutter Home, you can find it pretty much anywhere, and it retails around $4.00, quite affordable. They also have a bubbly version of this, which I gather is similiar to champagne. I’m sure it’s equally as delicious as this one. 




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