Lil Koala Shiraz (3 out of 5)



Well, the Lil Koala Shiraz wasn’t too shabby. It was incredibly strong when you uncorked it, but I let it breathe for a hour and half. More than my usual time to let a wine breathe, but I got distracted reading Firefly fan fiction (untouched by the evil Amazon Fan Fiction network, or whatever racket Bozos has going on over there), so a hour and half it was. It lost a lot of the bitter taste, but the problem here was that it also did not continue to have a taste. The tannins were shot once it was exposed to air.

Still, I plowed on and had a second glass. I was not terribly disappointed in this wine. In fact, I actually didn’t mind it too much. It tastes of plum, spice, and it should have a spicier flavor. At first, yes. After being exposed to air like a normal red, no, it went bye bye. It did not return. However, as odd as it may sound, I think I prefer this wine after it lost some of its zippity doo dah. It retails for $4.99 a bottle. I had it with gluten free pasta and chicken meatballs. I did not regret any of the combo, it all went well together. 

Overall, this isn’t a fantastically overachiever. It’s a do-right for the night sort of wine. By that, I mean, it’s a quick pick me up bottle of wine for some accompanying of a quick easy meal. For a full meal of epic proportions, run to the hills. Run to Binny’s—and get something more profound and tasty. This is okay for now, but for the duration, you need more of a Madonna and less of a Carly Rae Jepsen. 


About generationgbooks

I read a ridiculous amount of books in a ridiculously quick amount of time. I read everything- fiction, history, sports, political science, fantasy, young adults, kids, romance- everything. I have worked in books almost half of my life now, and I never get bored with them. I need an outlet for books, where I can reach many people who may or may not give a fig about my opinions. I'm kind of known for rambling about books, so I figure it's about time I get off my lazy ass and take it to the blogosphere, where I have had the great luck of meeting many wonderful people inflicted with this book-disease. Personal stuff? Not much. I work too much, I'm single so I have more time to deal with this and less to deal with BS. I'm a die-hard Duranie and 80's fan. I am way too entertained with social media and astrology(for those of you who give a fig, I'm a Capricorn, or the sexier description- a seagoat.) for mine and the world's- own good. Only insanity can result from me blogging. That said, here goes!

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