Relax Cool Red Wine (4 out of 5)



My first experience with the Relax wines was with the Riesling, courtesy of Erin. We were watching my sister’s condo back in the days when I was allowed to do so, and after 20,000 dirty dishes were washed, we opened that bottle. We got the blue Relax for her(I think it’s called Cool Blue), and the red for me. I liked the Cool, but again, Riesling is a very sweet white wine, and I’m not a big fan of sweet anything, even wine.

We had chilled the red and white, because Erin knows how weird I am with chilling red when you’re not supposed to. I have no problem drinking warm pop, but heaven forbid that the damn red wine is the temperature it’s supposed to be. I’m odd, folks. Anyway, I let that sucker breathe for just a little bit and went in for a drink.

Taste is very similar to Beaujolais, but much lighter and a bit more fruit essence attached than your usual Beaujolais. Beaujolais brings about memories of Scorpio #1 and how that wine allowed Mrs. Weez to seduce him away from me one Thanksgiving. That’s another blog, or a chapter in the still unraveling autobiography. You get a good combination of black cherries and plum. It’s a very even balanced mix. There is no nasty aftertaste or no bitterness at all throughout the drinking of the wine. The tannins are relaxed and it’s quite a good flavor. I would compare it to the Summer Refresh wine I drank and reviewed a week or so back, but this has a little bit more kick to it. And I mean a little. It’s still an incredibly mild red. Chilled it is crisp and flavorful. I easily drank the whole bottle. No shit. These were in the olden days of lushness, my friends, so a whole bottle was no surprise to anyone who knew me when.

We paired this wine with a California Pizza Kitchen White Pizza- which for some reason, is only seasonal and incredibly hard to find. I think Erin and her mom Diane were searching all over kingdom come trying to find it, and located it at Dominicks’ (Safeway, same thing). For those who aren’t aware, that pizza is made up of Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, Spinach, and Roasted Garlic. It is ridiculously delicious pizza. And it paired well, not only with the red that I had attached my big mouth to, but it also went with Erin’s Cool Riesling. It’s not easy to get one dish that works with both a red and white, but that one seemed to work. I have a hunch that grilled chicken with portabellos, pasta salad, and any light pasta dish with olive oil would pair well with the Relax Cool Red Wine. It is by far one of the most delicious lighter reds I’ve tried. I would recommend it highly to anyone who is just starting out with red wine drinking (Raz, that means you!) and wants to explore different reds of the wine palette.

Enjoy. It is delicious, it is easily found, and usually retails for around $10. Totally worth the price of admisssion.


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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for the review, we enjoyed reading it and will certainly share it on our social spaces. You’re not too off base in chilling our Red! We actually recommend enjoying it chilled although many drink it at room temperature. Also, our RELAX Riesling is just called Riesling (not Cool Blue) – although we’re kinda digging that name now. Your pairing suggestions are spot on, too. So thanks so much for the review. We certainly appreciate it. Cheers!

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