Layer Cake Shiraz (5 out of 5)



Well, I haven’t blogged in a week because I haven’t had a glass of my beloved wine in a week. 😦  I am still on wine-out(wine dryout, due to dental issues and antibiotics that I am currently on), so I figured I should blog about some other wines I have enjoyed in the not-so-foregone past.

I became buddies with Layer Cake Shiraz, thanks to TGI Friday’s. I used to go there more often, and their wine choices are excellent. I have discovered many great wine there over the years.  I think I went for Layer Cake because it conjured up many images of delicious, forbidden chocolate cake. Which, for the record, goes great with wine. FYI.

Layer Cake Shiraz has a great bouquet when opened. Once it’s been out in the open air for a while, it mollifies to a heady aroma that isn’t too tart and isn’t too strong. There is a strong hint of the spice that lingers in this wine, despite being aerated. Believe me, it only adds to the appeal of the wine. Throw that spice in with flavors of plums, dark chocolate, mocha, cherries, and blackberries, and you have a sure winner. I don’t think it’s a terribly strong wine compared to other shiraz that I have had, but I can see that people who don’t play cards with the heady reds could think it has too much going on. I think it’s got a great, unique flavor that I haven’t run into in any other shiraz. And that’s why I think it’s a truly phenomenal wine. There is a slight aftertaste of anise, so if you’re not digging eau de licorice in any way, its aftertaste is not going to please you.

There’s also good balance with this wine. There should be note made of the 14.9% alcohol content, because if you just want a quick and easy glass of wine, this is probably not the one you want to start with. It will get you a little bit topsy turvy if you drink it and don’t have sufficient eats in your system to go with it. This wine doesn’t fuck around. I like that, others may not dig that fact so much.  I paired it with steak once, ribs the next time, the last two times I am pretty sure that I was enjoying a delicious burger. I think you have to pair it with the right meal for it to truly shine with the meal. If you have a pizza and drink it, you’re not going to get the full beauty of the flavor. It needs serious meat to bring out the intricate flavor pattern.  Layer Cake usually retails on the higher end of the “G Wine Spectrum” (GWS, more effective than GPS), at around $16.99 a bottle. Completely worth the price of admission.


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I read a ridiculous amount of books in a ridiculously quick amount of time. I read everything- fiction, history, sports, political science, fantasy, young adults, kids, romance- everything. I have worked in books almost half of my life now, and I never get bored with them. I need an outlet for books, where I can reach many people who may or may not give a fig about my opinions. I'm kind of known for rambling about books, so I figure it's about time I get off my lazy ass and take it to the blogosphere, where I have had the great luck of meeting many wonderful people inflicted with this book-disease. Personal stuff? Not much. I work too much, I'm single so I have more time to deal with this and less to deal with BS. I'm a die-hard Duranie and 80's fan. I am way too entertained with social media and astrology(for those of you who give a fig, I'm a Capricorn, or the sexier description- a seagoat.) for mine and the world's- own good. Only insanity can result from me blogging. That said, here goes!

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