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Vista Point Merlot




I tried a glass of this wine with D at The Wolf’s Head Inn one day a couple of months back. I just remember it messed my shit up. I must have mentioned it a bit recently, as it popped in my head and I had mentioned it to several of my friends, who are out looking for it. They don’t have it anyplace I’ve gone within a five mile radius from my house. Yesterday definitely sucked and I made that pretty clear to almost all of my friends who I spoke with. When I got up this morning, I had a bottle of it sitting on the chair on my deck. Thank you, mysterious benefactor, for bringing me the wine. It’s 2:24pm and I am enjoying a glass with my turkey burger and tuna salad. 

Well, it’s definitely not a Class A wine. It’s probably more of a C- wine. When i had it at the inn, it was a day when I didn’t eat much, and if I recall, scarfed the wine down. Hence the lasting first impression of “awesome.” I did enjoy it. However, having a quiet kitchen and having let it breathe and aerated it, I have a whole different impression. Not a better one, I’m afraid.

This is a deep colored red, which has a flat, monosyllabic smell to it once you open it up and let it breathe. I gave it a hour. It tastes like burnt raspberries, nuts, perhaps some vanilla? It tastes like burning, which is an odd thing for a wine to taste like. Maybe some candied nuts roasted on an open fire? If so, Santa needs to chug this bitch at Christmas. It would definitely make one warm, because, well, it tastes like burning. 

This wine definitely does improve chilled. When we got it at the Inn, I remember telling D that I was pleased that it was cold. I didn’t have this wine cold(that’ll give you an idea how out of it I am) and it definitely lost something in the translation. Serving it cold makes it taste less like burnt offerings and serving it warm brings out the burnt taste more. It’s very odd. I do like it, but not as a serious contender for wine of the year. I still like Winking Owl Merlot better than this. 


Bay Moon Sauvignon Blanc




This was an impulse buy. Trader Joe’ing it again. D picked out this one. We both liked the label. I also am sure that we had another vino by them, because that label is familiar in the styling. I think it was likely the Velvet Moon I had tried in the past; pretty sure that unless you beg him repeatedly or hold a pea-shooter to his head, D will not drink red wine. It retailed for around $5.99. Not sure what I thought of the Velvet Moon, but I think it made more of an impact than this one did.

No real distinctive bouquet on opening it. We had chilled it a bit, but after having a quick sip, it went right back in, likely in the hope that chilling it further would bring out more flavor, etc. That did not happen. It tastes lightly of citrus and not much else. I didn’t pick up grapefruit, which I did expect. Maybe a little bit peach? There really isn’t much in the way of flavor for me to review, honestly. It was like a slightly crisp extremely light white wine. It was nice, but it wasn’t astoundingly vibrant. It was really what I would call a sipping wine. D and I will likely snip at each other like repressed housewives over this review, but again, if I’m missing something, you guys have to tell me. White is not my normal flavor to savor. There is no bitter aftertaste, but then again, there really wouldn’t be much of one, because there wasn’t much in the way of taste with this one. 

I would say that this is just an okay wine. I have no big beefs with it, except that in these white wine trials, I hope to have one that knocks me off my chair and changes my perceptions of what I’ve tried with white over the years. This was not one of those, unfortunately. 

2011 Trentatre Rosso (5 out of 5)




Holy Mother of Wine. I haven’t had more than 2 glasses in the past month, due to dental issues and antibiotics, and first, the LaGranja I posted about two weeks ago, and then this- the Crown Jewel of the Lush Wine Kingdom of G. (Don’t steal that, I’m copyrighting it, you bitches!). I needed to get food, and D accompanied me to TJ’s for some healthy foodstuffs. I spotted this one, and after seeing that one of the wines in the blend was a wine I have never heard of (Montepulciano, represent!), I went with this. Although I was tempted by the fruit of another, I stuck with this bottle of grape goodness. I am so glad i did!

Trentatre— well, I’m immature, so I immediately turned it into a Trent Reznor reference. As in Trent Tartar, minus the wife (preferably). Thankfully, other friends of mine who I texted the picture too, also got the same reference from it. Anyway, once I got through drooling all over myself at the thought of Trent’s arms, etc, I sat down and had a glass. It was love at first sip. The smell was pretty heady when opened, so I let it air out for a bit, then I aerated that sucker, and had a glass. We had pasta with this wine, and it was perfect. (For me, at least. D likes his white wines. He gave this an “OK”). I’m not sure when the crazy talk and thoughts started, but I remember several things of note that resulted from my state upon drinking this beauteous bouquet. Overall, insanity ensued. I had Dylan laughing and my coworkers puzzled, which means the wine messed my shit up. I haven’t had a wine do that in months, so Mission Accomplished!

Trentatre is a blend of 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Merlot, and 33% Montepulciano. It’s a deep dark purple color, and smells like it’s not playing Mr. Nice Guy with the Wine Gods. It’s got a very appealing fragrance, not only when opened, but after it’s been exposed to air for a while. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it pretty, but if there was an air freshener-like wine category for reviewers, this would be in the Top 10. It tastes robustly of black currant, cherries, and boysenberry. There’s some spice, but not much, and it seems to be tempered evenly with some sweet vanilla notes as well. It’s a truly wonderful wine. It is strong as fuck, be warned, but it’s truly a wonderful, flavorful wine that doesn’t taste like a pepper mill due to that strong kick. It retails for around $6 a bottle, but it’s one of those wines that tastes like it would retail in the $20-$30 range, due to the fact it’s just a fantastic wine! 

Highly, highly, highly recommend this wine. 

La Granja 2012 Gamacha/ Syrah (4 out of 5)




I had tried the La Granja Tempranillo a few months back, and I was mighty unimpressed. This wine from La Granja fares much better. It’s a blend, 50% granacha, 50% syrah. As mentioned before, I think this is a Trader Joe’s exclusive. I was gifted with a bottle tonight after a fruitful day of job hunting and nothing else getting done. I am now sitting down at 9pm, exhausted, and having not had wine in over a week, it’s time for a glass, some blogs, and a book. Tomorrow, the insane asylum ride begins anew, kids. Tonight, I drink some wine and blog.

Of course that damned label has your attention right off the bat. It made me want, well, not chicken or eggs, as one would think, but tacos. So I went and got some Taco Bell tacos. And would you believe it went perfectly? It did. Anyway, i would say have some of this wine with a taco. And go the hell to bed. Alone. By Yourself. Without a problematic other by your side. Bitterness does not make for good reviews, wine blog children.

Down to the nitty gritty. This is a very dark red wine. It has an earthy air about it once you’ve uncorked it and let it air out for a while. It almost smells like a merlot, it’s that earthy. The moment you smell it, you know you’re in for a good wine. It’s a medium bodied wine without the insult of dirt-like gristle taste. It tastes like prime raspberry once you drink it in. Raspberries are what I can pick out of it, also has some other flavors of berries in there, as well as some slight pepper flavor and some slight licorice tang to it. There isn’t much of an aftertaste, which is nice. Given the pepper that seems to be floating around pretty prominently in there, you would think that it would kick your ass with the after effects. Happily,  that’s not the case. I know there’s more in there that I cannot identify, but overall, it’s a pretty delicious buy for your buck. And it goes well with tacos, which is a primary in the G Food Group. 

It goes for around $4.99 and can be found at your local Trader Joe’s. There’s a good chance that it’s hiding on shelves elsewhere, but I’ve seen the rooster crowing mightily on the shelf at TJ’s. This blend definitely beats the feathers off of the tempranillo from La Granja, but now I want to go through and try the other varieties. This one definitely was worth the wait.