2010 Vina Decana Tempranillo (4 out of 5)




I think the last time I picked up a bottle of this was as a Christmas present for my former coworker and friend Marc. I didn’t think he was going to go for it, because he truly does know his spirits, whereas I am a novice in the field. I was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed it immensely. I had forgotten just how good this temp is. 

2010 Vina Decana Tempranillo, the 2013 tasting and review, was a pleasant reminder that you can get an affordable tempranillo and not break the bank. This wine can be found at the usual suspects, also at Aldi, where I believe it is an exclusive sell available through them only. It retails for 5 bucks if you buy it from Aldi. 

This is a smooth, light wine. The pinot from the other day was stronger than this wine. This wine has sustainable tannins, some good spice (but not too much), and blackberry all over the place. cloves, and some weird offbeat cherry taste that tastes oddly familiar but I cannot put my finger on where I have tasted this before. I let this wine breathe for over a hour, because the great closet cleanup was under way, and I lost track of time. However, it worked in favor. It had an even more pleasing bouquet the longer it was exposed to air. The true test will be once it’s been chilled for awhile. I’m sure it’ll be as great as it is. The flavors work well in tandem and you find yourself enjoying a truly fine tempranillo for a moderate cost. 

I’m a big fan of tempranillo in general. It’s hard to find a truly good one. D has helped me over the years trying to track one down, and John M has thrown a few my way, but it’s a slippery slope. I’m not sure why it’s harder to locate a good tempranillo, maybe it’s just a harder grape to break (Peter Cetera, don’t sue me for killing your song). Other temps that I have tried and am friendly with are Rioja Vega, El Posadero, and Berberana. I have fond memories of those, and they are a little bit more than the Vina, but well worth it and still under 10 bucks. I always tell people who have stomach issues that I like the pinot noir and the tempranillos better, because they aren’t so hard on the stomach, and they’re not a real strong wine. This one has a 12.5% alcohol quotient, so you’re not dealing with a heavy hitter in the wine cabinet. I paired this with pasta and marinara and it worked fine. I think it’s the sort of wine you could pair with anything on the lighter side of pasta, and you have a good match. Or milk chocolates with caramel. I would not advise mixing this with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, that didn’t josh so well. 


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