Wine Cube Pinot Noir (2 out of 5)




This was my newest idea- to buy small boxes of wine. The one above gives you 3 glasses. I think that might be enough. Some of us should have stopped after one glass. The Wine Cube is sold at Target. The smallest one- this one above- goes for $4.99. Considering I recently had a glass that cost me that, well, I would say this is a deal. I wish I could say it’s a great wine, but I would have to give it the old average rating. 

Trinchero Farms are whom markets The Wine Cube for Target. I have had their Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend, and that is out of this world. The pinot is just average. On the white side of the wine glass, I’ve had their Sauvignon Blanc, and that’s also out of this world. So if you’re going with the Wine Cube, for red your best bet is the Malbec on its own or the Cab Sauvignon/Shiraz; for white, stick with the Sauvignon Blanc. 

There isn’t much fragrance; not sure if that’s because it’s in a box as opposed to the usual bottle, or if this vintage simply doesn’t pack much of a floral wallop or otherwise. The wine itself? There are berry and cherry flavors, although this is nowhere near as jammy as other pinot noirs I’ve had(Estancia). You are promised a soft, silky finish, but it doesn’t deliver much in the way of a finish. It’s just there. You drink it, you absorb some of the subtle flavors, but it’s a dull thud of a finish. Somewhat disappointing after the other Wine Cube varietals I have tried that did live up to the promises on the bottle. 

Overall, this isn’t too bad if you’re looking for a quick, cheap drink. However, if you have their other varietals in the same aisle, you might want to leave this one standing at the altar and dash off with another from the wedding(wine?) party. Definitely not the best wine in this line, and not in the top 5 pinot noirs I’ve had in my time. I paired it with shrimp tostadas, and that probably didn’t help. I would drink a wine like this with a spicy jalapeno burger or pork roast. 




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