Cooper’s Hawk Tempranillo Sangiovese (5 out of 5)




A little explanation for those who may or may not have Coopers Hawk wineries/restaurants in their state. I think it may be locally based in Illinois and a select few other states. For that, I am sorry, for they are a truly great winery. I love their wines and their food rocks. I usually can’t afford to buy myself bottles of their wines, but once in a while, my wonderful friends gift me with great wine. My friend Nicole got me this bottle for Christmas. Oh, do I love it. I work near a Cooper’s Hawk and have had the pleasure of going there a number of times. Usually with my friend who got me the wine reviewed here, or when my friends are in from out of town; this is the first restaurant stop. They have never left my out-of-town guests with anything but a favorable impression. 

Before I go into the review, let me tell you my favorite Cooper’s Hawk reds: their Holiday Red(I thought that’s what it was called; it’s been awhile), Petite Syrah, The Coopers Hawk Red blend, Malbec, and the Lux Pinot Noir. I honestly could drink any of their reds and love them, but that’s the top 5. The Tempranillo/Sangiovese is in a class all its own. Two of my favorites normally- in a blend? Oh yes, I was stoked. 

After letting it breathe for a hour and half, you get quite the fragrance. The bouquet is strong, yet pleasant. I picked up some hints of black currant, plum, cherry, and something else, maybe chocolate? Hue is a dark shade of violet, which could be explained if there indeed hints of black currant and plum present (I’m pretty sure on that). The taste is divine- I can definitely taste cherry, spice, chocolate, and blackberries. Not sure what spice it may be, but whatever it is, it’s damn delicious. I paired the wine with pasta first; the next couple of days, I had black bean burgers with it, and potato skins the next night. Before you scoff at those choices, realize I am a goofy gourmand. I mix wine with weird foods all the time. This was no exception. It went rather well with the black bean burgers (perhaps because I dumped salsa on the black bean burgers, that gave it some interesting food mixtures on the palate). It did not go so well with the potato skins, although I had doused those in marinara (hey, points for trying!). I do not think this robust, righteous blend would work well with lighter fare (chicken, seafood, lamb). It would definitely rock the house with steak, pork, and burgers. 

To finish, if you have a Cooper’s Hawk near you, check them out. They are fantastic. 



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