Wine Cube Vintner’s Red (4 out of 5)




This is another Target exclusive. I continue on my path to not drinking much at all, and if I do, I buy the small individual bottles of wine. One small box of Le Wine Cube yields 3 glasses. Perfect for someone who has one and is rewriting the Old Testament with pizza metaphors (me, for the record). The smallest wine cube available at Target is this size, and it retails for $4.99. The last time I checked out the Wine Cube brand, it was the disappointing Pinot Noir. I fared much better with this blend.

The Vintner’s Red Blend got my attention because it’s a blend. You know from perusing this blog that I like blends- a lot. If I’m not drinking straight up strong mamma jamma (chianti, I shall marry thee), then a blend of several different varietals is usually my gig. I was afraid this was a sweeter red, until I read the box. It’s got some sweet to it, due to the presence of zinfandel, but the merlot and cabernet sauvignon joining in overpowers the sweet. Not too much, though- there is a light tang to this wine. It is a refreshing switch from the dastardly disappointing Pinot Noir. 

The blend is zin, merlot, and cabernet. As I said, a light tang, because the zinfandel cancels out whatever acidity that the merlot and cabernet combo might have. It also gives it a sweet bouquet. There’s not a lot of nose crunching with this one, more like, you can let the glass sit by your computer as you type up, well, a review for a blog, and inhale it and it’s a pleasant experience. The taste? A lot of fruity goodness- cherry, berry, plum, and some spice with candied vanilla overtones. Sort of a bear claw with tons of marmalade on top. That’s what it reminds me of. Again, no stink, the tannins stay with you but not too long, just enough for you to savor the essence and the flavors of the blend, and then it’s gone. There is no lingering bitterness, and that’s a pleasant change, especially for a box wine. 

I paired this with quite the unlikely feast- with lemon pepper tuna, gluten free mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes. And it worked! It should not have worked, this is the crystalline wine that would really be set off like the 4th of July if paired with BBQ anything (sexy, sexy brisket, I’m calling you!) or a killer meatloaf (the dish with some spice, not the singer of “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” with an agenda). It did alright with dinner, but the true splendor and clash of the flavors really came to flamenco when I drank some of this wine with the Dark Chocolate Fudge Filled Truffles I got earlier. THAT was the best thing to set off how delicious this wine is.

Next time, make mine the big old Wine Cube! This is a stellar blend. If you want more flavor than flair, this is your blend. 


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