Sterling Vineyards Meritage (5 out of 5)



This is bottle 2 of D’s Christmas stash to me. I opened it up and had a glass, and promptly forgot that I had more than a glass. It’s that good. No joke. The label is all elegance with the silver lining (literally) and bold script. It’s a sexy looking bottle of wine. It would make any table look attractive, much the same way that mustard really is the answer to a true Chicago hot dog.

Sterling Vineyard’s Meritage is a complex blend of the following varietals: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Merlot, 6% Malbec, 3% Petit Verdot, and 3% Cabernet Franc (that still makes me think of Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror). It’s a 13.5% alcohol content, and you know it pretty quickly when you uncork that sucker. It’s ridiculously pungent. After letting it aerate for a hour, still the same presence. That’s how you know you have a truly whopper of a blend. And it was.

The tasting notes? I taste blackberry, chocolate, and vanilla. There is something else there that I cannot identify, although I really want to say it’s cassis. It has a taste similar to the Promisqous that I reviewed last week, as far as aftertaste goes. I really do think it’s cassis. There is a hint of spice here also, but not so much that it ends up overpowering the wine. It is delicious.  There is a lot of complexity and strength to this wine, but it isn’t dry as hell. Many red blends I have had in the past were dry, dry, dry. This is a pleasantly fruity tasting, stronger than average blend.

The wine retails normally at $14.99, so it is on the more expensive side of my wine budget these days, but how do you not enjoy and happily drink such a wonderful gift? I haven’t had a glass since Saturday, and once I get past whatever digestive parasite is currently lodging in my system, I will go right back to this. I highly recommend this wine.


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