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Barefoot Pink Moscato (4 out of 5)




I hadn’t tried Barefoot Pink Moscato before, but after reading a review of it on my friend’s lifestyle blog, I thought I had to try it. Nancy apparently had already gotten her hands on some, and she was impressed. I’m also transitioning to lighter wines, because my beloved hearty reds have not begun to bother my digestive system, so it’s time to scale back a bit and drink some lighter fare. Enter Barefoot Pink Moscato.

This is considered a “bubbly wine”, as it emulates champagne. I did note that when I opened it up and smelled, that it did emit a lighter whiff than my usual nose-ful of heavy fruit overtones that my reds usually offer forth. It did smell light and crisp. It really wasn’t as crisp as champagne, which sucks, because I’m actually a fan of champagne and its effervescent qualities. It’s also easy on the palate, so it doesn’t overwhelm the taste of whatever food is sharing with your palate that evening. This is a light, citrus tinge to it. I smell orange and I believe strawberries.

Upon tasting, you immediately get a zing of citrus- orange, strawberries, maybe pomegranate in there? The fruit bouquet present in this wine is delicious! Light and yet flavorful enough that you keep drinking- in my case, two weeks back, so tasty that half the damn bottle is gone before you realize it and stop (I plead guilty to this charge). It’s fizzy, but not overly so. It’s better than a lot of the white zins I have had over the years. I had it with a huge spinach and shrimp salad, and it worked out well. The next time I had a glass I paired it with salmon by itself, and it was perfection. Definitely cannot pair it with my usual pasta and red meat dishes, it would get lost. If you were pairing it with dessert, you would have to do so with that impostor white chocolate. I can’t see this working with the heavier stuff or even our milquetoast friend milk chocolate.

I would highly recommend this wine. It was absolutely delicious.