Charles & Charles Red Blend (2 out of 5)




D found this one for me about six weeks ago. I asked him to get me a few things for me from the Target, and he got me this, as well as the Tyler Florence wine I reviewed weeks back. This one did not ring as many bells. It didn’t outright disgust me, like some goopy Firecracker maple syrup wine I reviewed over a year ago, but it didn’t endear itself to me on the Infinite G Wine List. (Whine List? Different blog). I didn’t try a glass until last week, due to pesky health issues that have suddenly popped up, I really cannot drink much at all these days. D went for this one because there was some mention of Chuck Norris somewhere on the shelf. There is a blurb from Chuck on the bottle, but he is not involved in the making of the wine. Regrettable, as it may have helped. The Charles’ of record are one Charles Smith and one Charles Bieler, and they decided to go it alone with their wines because they didn’t care for the results of the winemaking tactics used by some vintners these days. I would like to try the Rose’ after reading about their process for harvesting that particular blend. This was not a horrid wine, it just didn’t make my ‘beyond one time wine’ list. 

This blend is Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah (72%, 28%). There are a lot of notes of blackberry, violets, plum, and currant. There’s a lot of oak going around in this blend. I didn’t find myself wanting to drink a cigar wine, but that’s almost what it tasted like. This wine tasted what I imagine cigar smoke would, in a wine. Very odd, and very disconcerting. I was a bit surprised there weren’t remnants of ash at the bottom of my wineglass. The tannins also leave you a lot of a kick, but not the pleasant sort one would get after overdosing on hot wings. There’s a kick of pepper but it’s slight compared to the acrid kick of what tastes like vinegar (impossible, I am aware, but that’s what I taste). I paired it with barbecue pork, and it went okay, but due to the off-putting flavors, it didn’t mesh well with the sweetness of the pork, and therefore, it was not a good match. This wine would probably work well with steak. 

it’s a bit of an aggressive wine, and who doesn’t love an aggressive wine? I normally would, but in this situation, I do not dig. I advise carefully on this one. It has a great nose when you first uncork it, but after being aerated, it took on a whole different level of weird. I would, as I said, love to try the rose’, so maybe that’s my best bet with Charles & Charles. 


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