Moiselle Red Moscato (3 out of 5)


This is the first time I have had to post a wine review without a picture. NO PICTURE. At all. On the Interwebs. So. I will describe the bottle. 

It’s an Aldi classic, of course. So either the wine is being produced without a trace (odd, even for Aldi), or it came from the New Mexico landfill full of the Atari cartridges. If it did, well, it aged well, because once chilled, it’s a pleasant diversion. The label has a red fooufy dress on it, frilly ass writing, etc. Most of the crap I normally would make fun of, but for some reason, I felt a need to get a sweeter red for Easter dinner, so this one won. Except my sister doesn’t drink sweet reds, so the pinot noir won out for that meal, and this bottle went in the fridge- for a whole week. Nervousness over upcoming tests led me to have one glass with a very late dinner. It was a very nice accompaniment to my late meal. Even without an image to show y’all what the bottle looks like.

It tastes of sweet cherries and a lot of peach. Normally, my dislike of peach would keep me from even trying it, but I don’t see a lot of wines that pair this coupling, and I was curious. I’m also trying to open up my sheltered existence somewhat, so I got it. I also believed that it would be delicious with ham (it would have been, sister. The pinot noir was all wrong for ham!), but didn’t try it with ham this evening. I had black beans tonight, a gluten free mini-margharita pizza, and a ton of jasmine rice. Guess what? It went well with that culinary hodge podge! So there.. it works. Anyway, it’s very light, no aftertaste, no heavy tannins at all, just a pleasant, mellow wine. And you really do not taste much of the peach- it’s mostly cherry wine, in my opinion (Jermaine Stewart would be pleased his song predicted a good wine such as this), and I LOVE that.

Aldi prices being reasonable beyond reasonable for retail folk, this wine goes for $4.99. Worth it. It just doesn’t have much in the way of everlasting substance. It’s light and frilly, kind of like that goofy ass dress on the label. In this case, the label didn’t lie. I had a hard time getting past the wine originally, because I thought it was named MOISETTE. I hate the word moist, and moisette is too close. Or it sounds like a delicious, battered, double chocolate donut of sin…. moiselle is a weird ass French name, so that gave me pause. But overall, none too shabby for a nice red moscato. Would recommend for a light meal. 


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  1. I’m literally drinking this wine right now and I have to say your assessment is spot-on. I can’t find the alcohol content anywhere on the bottle, and I’m not getting anything in the way of a buzz, so I’m guessing it’s pretty low.

  2. Great review… I found the alcohol content on the bottle after looking for a while. It was in teensy print. Anyway, it’s 9%. It was a light, refreshing drink… very enjoyable for such a low price. I’ll pick up a few bottles to have around.

  3. I don’t care for wine, or alcohol in general typically. I buy it for my husband. But this wine. Love it. First bottle I’ve ever drunk three glasses from on my own. 🙂 Very sweet. Which is how I like it.

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