Wine Sisterhood Ravishing Red Blend (5 out of 5)




I went back and forth with this one- four or five stars? I loved it. But did I love it to distraction, earning it a high five? Or did I love it the way I would love a second child, earning it four? I decided since it’s the first wine in the past month that I had more than one glass of (different nights, for the record. The gallbladder has ruined my drinking one night a week fun, for the time being) without keeling over and whimpering from. There were others that did that (they will be reviewed after this one). This one was a true pleasure to indulge in.

I saw Wine Sisterhood for the first time that Sunday night in January when Nancy and I hit Target up in face of the incoming deep freeze that saw temps drop to 60 below zero. I did not get it then, choosing some other swill instead. I saw it again about a month ago, and picked up a bottle after a long day at work. I was also making turkey tetrazzini, gluten free style for dinner, so I wanted some wine to try with it. I would NOT recommend this wine with turkey tetrazzini, or with anything less than a steak or pasta. Or a piece of flourless chocolate cake. I will have to try the other wines now, in terms of fairness and dying to know if they’re as good as this one was.

You all know I love blends. It’s that same character trait that has me drinking two or three drinks at a time, for variety. Or perhaps I’m just insane. I also loved the label and the marketing of it as “Ravishing Red Blend.” To me that means it will make my face a ravishing shade of red, it will make my hair ravishing red, or it’s just savvy marketing. It was a day I was feeling decidedly NOT ravishing, so I went for it and bought. I was not disappointed in this wine in the least. Upon opening and letting it air out for better part of a hour, it had such a pleasant, cherry aroma to it, without the sometimes overly strong vinegary bouquet that often comes with a red blend after letting it air out for a prolonged period of time. It was as if someone had spiked my favorite Hi-C flavor with delicious fruits and some evilly tempting liquor. It is a Cabernet, Zinfandel, and Merlot blend, tasting strongly of cherries, vanilla, and a little bit of spice. Unlike some blends I’ve had in the past year and reviewed here, this one did not have so much spice you felt as if someone dumped a fucking pepper shake in that bitch. Just a little dash here for a whole bottle-perfection. I think I might have enjoyed this one almost as much as Kendall-Jackson’s Summation, which was my favorite red blend for the past year. It’s strong on tannins, but not so much that your fucking head will explode from it. No nasty headache after the two glasses I had. No nasty aftertastes, and still good on the palette when I had a glass a week later. Well worth the price of admission. 

This one retails for $11.99, although Target frequently has it on sale for around $9.99. You can probably get it pretty reasonable on their website, if you’re looking at cases of it: I can’t wait to try their other wines!




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