Moiselle Pink Moscato (1 out of 5)





Image                                                             Yay! The Moiselle Pink Moscato has an image! The red one that I liked a lot does not, as you recall from my review over a month ago. I decided to get the pink moscato since I enjoyed the red one so much. I did not dig the pink as much as the red. I thought I would dig it more, due to the presence of ye olde nectarine (seriously. A nectarine, although I know the phrase “ye old nectarine” likely could describe your elderly neighbors). Not so much.

This beauty was priced at the “steal” of $4.99. I could have gone a whole $1.31 less with the Winking Owl and had more fun.  It has a pleasant aroma, not overpowering and yet also not very much there in way of smelling anything. Not the sort of wine that Vlad the Impaler would have used as smelling salts on any of his victims, but I would have hoped there would be some sort of fragrance coming off the bottle when it was opened. No dice.

It is a nice light pink color, and it does indeed have a nice smattering of nectarine and raspberry. However, together…it gives me great pause. Like someone picking a Jesus and Mary Chain song over “Let’s Go Crazy” in an 80’s bracket. The two together..I guess I expected some sort of liquid Fruit Loops type wine, and instead it was closer to Arbor Mist watered down with Welch’s White Grape juice. WAY TOO SWEET. If this were a Riesling or an Ice Wine, I would completely agree with the sweetness. There’s not any sort of crisp, earthy quality to the wine either. After chilling for over a week, I decided to try to have a glass last night. Blech. Half of a small glass and I dumped the rest down the sink. Seriously, Dylan, if you want the rest of the bottle, it’s yours. Free of charge, but not free of warnings from me. It seriously tastes like glorified fruit juice with a slight nip of alcohol. Thanks, but no thanks.

As I said, if you want something ridiculously sweet to go with a nice, moist slice of lemon cake with vanilla frosting (recipe forthcoming), this is the one. I had a little with the lemonilla cake (my name, my recipe, bitches) and it went perfectly. But I really do not want to have to eat a piece or a whole fucking cake just to make the wine work. It’s a lot of work. I will hold back the wine jury until I try the white moscato they have… watch for that coming soon.

I would not recommend this wine unless you want something really sweet to pair with massive amounts of cake slathered with delicious buttercream frosting. Otherwise, I would pass.


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