Wine Sisterhood Drama Queen Pinot Grigio (3 out of 5)




Now the image won’t move into the middle of the post. Sorry, dear reader, the bottle of wine image doesn’t want to cooperate with WordPress. WordPress has been driving me up a tree in the past two weeks, so pardon the weird centering. I ended up with a different Wine Sisterhood this time. I’m still sticking to my guns and laying off my beloved vino, for health reasons. However, a friend of mine just got engaged and brought over a bottle of their pinot grigio. Since I gushed overwhelmingly months back about the Ravishing Red Blend, I figured the white deserved a chance. Since my friend wasn’t driving home with half a bottle, the rest is residing in my fridge. I will be thrilled to have some more soon. I think Wine Sisterhood is going to be one of those companies where just about everything I try of theirs ends up eliciting a love bundle of reviews from yours truly. Enough expostulating- on with the wine!

A lot of pinot grigios are unusual color, depending on how long your winemakers leaves the grapes in contact with the juice. Some pinots are barely there in color, meaning more pale than Macaulay Culkin. Some are almost an orange hue, some bright yellow, some just an amber hue. This one is a pale color; almost reminds me of nonexistent moonshine. Well, it certainly doesn’t taste that strong, nor that offensive. This is predominantly pinot grigio, but also has some chenin blanc and the dreaded chardonnay mixed in. Normally, the chardonnay would have done me in, but in the spirit of my friend’s engagement, I shut my face and drank. And was pleasantly surprised.

I love the flavor of this one. It’s a little crisp, but not so much that you can’t taste the flavors of the bouquet because you have fucking icicles hanging off your tongue. Slight apple flavor, mixed with pears, and possibly some grapefruit and lemongrass. Not many whites that I’ve had were blessed with lemongrass, but for those unaware (and really, who would care?), it is a favorite of mine. That may have been what tilted the glass in its favor, but ultimately, it was the blend. I didn’t taste a lot of the buttery spritz that usually accompanies chardonnay to the dance, so that was a huge win. I just love the flavor; light, crisp, flavorful, and not a lot of tannins rolling around to complicate matters. And no, not overly sweet. It is a good blend.

The only downside, in my book, is that it’s not as dry of a pinot as I normally like to indulge in. Then again, not my bottle of choice, but given that my friend doesn’t drink often, not a bad first choice for a white. She knows what I usually drink, so she was surprised that I was delighted with it. For I was delighted with it. I had it with salmon and brown rice with peas, and it worked well. The wine usually retails for $9.99 at Target, but lately, they’ve really been giving the Wine Sisterhood its due and putting them all on sale. I would highly recommend this for a light wine to drink, toast, celebrate, and enjoy. It’s pretty damn good.


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