Moiselle Crisp White Wine (2 out of 5)



This is precisely the kind of wine I would liked to have tried, in say, June. It’s now August, the hazy, lazy dog days of summer are upon us, and there’s nothing my drinking demon wants more than some delicious, ice cold gluten free beer. Yes, gluten free beer. Not usually the stuff dreams are made of, and never mine…but lately, there’s nothing I would rather try more than some of that deliciousness. Wine has not been in my veins in awhile. However, this suddenly appeared last week, and since it was on sale and featured, and I wanted something light, I tried it.

What did I love? The bottle. I loved the other Moiselle’s I have tried. I’m not usually a fan of white, because the evil known as chardonnay is often lurking, and there’s nothing I would rather not be doing than puking up whatever wine I am supposed to be enjoying. This was not a bad blend, it’s just too damn sweet for my liking. And there’s a large amount of what tastes like apricot. There’s nothing I hate as much as apricot. I think due to the lemony, sunshine glow of the bottle, I was hoping for some sort of lemony wine. No dice, twice. There’s a lot of some undefined citrus that smacked of grapefruit, which is another enemy of mine, and perhaps some mango liquor. All in all, as I said, I’ve had worse. I tasted a good deal of apple, which, when chilled, actually overtook some of the weird citrus flavors and balanced out this weirdness a bit more. It’s still too sweet. My fucking teeth were killing me for hours after I had that one glass. One glass.

I would say if you dig Riesling, this is your new best friend. At $3.99 a bottle, even more so. I suspect D will be the one who inherits what’s left of this bottle. If you like sweet wine, you’re in for a treat. If you don’t like sweet, you’re in for defeat. I have had worse, but I’ve also had far, far better. Retails at Aldi normally for $4.99, but retailing for $3.99 at present. It is an Aldi exclusive, so if you don’t frequent Aldi, you’re out of luck. Or in this case, you find a better white.






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