Vina Fuerte Old Vine Garnacha (4 out of 5)



Apparently, this wine has been around for awhile; 2008 to be exact. I am not sure why it attracted my attention Saturday night; likely because the bottle I have has a faceless bull on the front. I thought “If this is the label, how much can it mess me up? Will my face vanish?” Sounded good after the shit show that was Saturday, so I picked up the bottle for a good price of $5.99 and it has not disappointed.

13% alcohol level. I love grenacha wines; I don’t drink them often because I know they have the power, like a dastardly chianti, to completely mess me up. Grenacha wines are dry affairs, with muted tastes of fruits, usually darker fruits like blackberries, black currants, and the like. The smell of the wine when I uncorked it was null and void- not much, very musty, almost like a closet full of mothballs. Once left to breathe for a hour, I poured a glass and tried my luck.

Definitely tasting of darker fruit- plum and black cherry are predominant here. I taste a lot of clove, a little bit of spice. Perhaps some cardomon? I have to have some more before I can pin the elusive notes down for certain, but I can tell you this- it is full bodied and takes no prisoners. it is also a pretty dry wine, although I would stop short of calling it a burgundy or a port, it’s certainly not far down the cellar in its comparison to those two. It’s a Spanish wine, so no real surprises there. I think it’s a tad bit heartier than a malbec, and nowhere near as fruity as a pinot noir. This is the perfect wine to eat with some hearty fare; pot roast, ham, or some killer chili, which is what I had it with. The heartburn, oh the heartburn! Totally worth it!

So, this one I found at Prestige Liquors, a place I hadn’t been to in a long, long time. It was in the clearance bin, and I have no idea why. It’s delicious, and I would catalogue this as a winter wine, because holy crap, it warmed me up so much I turned the damn air on. I also did not chill the wine, due to the label’s instructions of keeping it at a 65-75 degree temp. I am glad I didn’t chill it, because I think it would have upset the delicate balance of awesome that is here. The only reason it didn’t get a 5 star rating was because for all its merits, I felt like it would have been a little bit more awesome had the black cherry been more of a flavor and taken more of a front seat to the clove taste. I’m not huge on cloves, although in wine, they definitely help the overall vintage, but this one, the clove is the main actor in this production, and I wasn’t too hot on that. Otherwise, drink up, it’s great!


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