Barefoot Refresh Perfectly Pink (3 out of 5)



Okay, this indulgence can be blamed on Greg Dulli, lead singer of the Afghan Whigs. How? After seeing the Whigs in concert the other night, I suddenly had a great desire to drink and let some of the heavy duty roller coaster emotional wallop associated with them sink into pleasant, fizzy oblivion. Cue Barefoot Wine- Perfectly Pink! I had to go to Target Saturday night for several items, and this was on the clearance shelf in the liquor aisle. Normally retailing for $5.99, it was on sale for $2.98. I catalogued my tired brain and realized I had not tried this brand of Refresh- I have tried the Red and it is one of my favorites (see my post from last summer). Whenever I see PINK, I think the dreaded- grapefruit and pink lemonade. I am a fan of neither, but you’re not likely to get a wine highly concentrated in either of those flavors, so I figured I might be okay. Not only that, but Barefoot is one of the few wine labels that isn’t only economically feasible, but the wine itself is actually pretty good.

This is a mashup of Moscato, Chenin Blanc, and White Grenache. I like Moscato well enough, and Grenache, well, if it’s full tier red, that stuff messes me up majorly, so I am intrigued by the combination of the three . There is a nice, pleasant aroma to this wine. First taste reveals a nice blend of what tastes like mango and mandarin orange, with some slight notes of cherry and peach. Not normally my ideal wine, but since I am no longer drinking the good, hearty red wines of my youth (cue before gastrointestinal issues intervened), I am open to new suggestions. This is a light, fizzy, delicious wine. If you’re looking to get buzzed, well, not so much, unless you drink the whole bottle, and that’s hardly advisable. It’s the perfect wine for a summer day. In this case, since I worked all weekend and had a ton of things to do around the house, being annihilated was NOT the goal, so this was the perfect wine to sip and pair with my kale grilled chicken salad and lemon garlic couscous. I would say if you have a light lunch or a light dinner, this would be an ideal wine to sip with your meal.

Overall, not a lot to complain about here. The price is excellent (even without the clearance!), the aroma and taste are pleasing to the nose and tongue, no aftertaste, and it goes well with a number of light dishes. The flavor is distinctive, but not so much that it singles it out as a wine that will stand the test of time. Likely, it’s the sort of wine that will still be selling well over the next few years. It’s not a “stand alone” type of wine, but as said, light, crisp, and a pleasant flavor. And that did just fine.


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