Bogle Vineyards Essential Red (4 out of 5)





D found this one for me and brought it by last weekend, along with a bag of gluten-free goodies (a tough couple of weeks, good friends can tell and always manage to make it better. D is on that friends list). The bottle tells you it’s good for pairing pizza…and it is! I liked it for several reasons right off the bat- the name is close to Bogie, one of my favorite actors. The wicked hieroglyphic finger painting on there (a psychedelic tree?) caught my attention- it reminded me of Arizona and the sun goddess that is all over everything there (what is her name again, D?). It also looked like it could be an inkblot from the Rorschach test. All of these factors played a largely superficial role in my liking the wine. 13.5% is also a good indicator that it’s going to make me silly. Always good. Now onto what I actually thought of the wine.

This is a blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah. Since both Syrah and Petite Sirah are present, prepare yourself to be thrust into Dryville…. it’s a very dry wine. After letting it open up to air for awhile and trying more, it had lessened its heartiness somewhat. But not completely. If you are one of those people who drink wine and expect it to instantly knock you off your feet, well, it will, but from the sheer potency of it. Take my advice, let this one air out before you dive into it further. Once it had breathed, you get a delicious blend of boysenberries, cherries, vanilla, and some deep, dark, sexy, somewhat oaky spice (the secret member of the Spice Girls? Oaky Spice…). You cannot call it full-bodied, though, because once it hits the air, it soothes into a medium-bodied structure. There are no stale notes here, no overly spicy or overly notes, just smooth finish all the way through. I cannot tell you enough how tasty this wine is, and not in a cheap Walmart wine sale sort of way.  It’s precisely the sort of wine you will expect to find at a high-class dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant, or in an upscale steakhouse, and I would highly recommend it for more than pizza. I think this is the sort of wine that does incredibly well with prime rib, steak, and pot roast. We had it with pizza and it did indeed pair well, but it missed its true pairing. Not sure how well this would pair with cheese, though. You may want to use this wine primarily with hunks of delicious carnivorous meat , and not with some pale demon cheese. Save that for the white wines!

I really enjoyed this wine. Not sure what D paid for it, and it’s rude to ask, but a rudimentary check of it on Google shows it as retailing around the $12.00 mark. I’m sure you can find it cheaper at your local Target or liquor store. But pick up a bottle and give it a spin, you won’t be disappointed.



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