Wine Cube Cabernet Sauvignon (4 out of 5)



I have been drinking this wine for over two years now; for some reason, I thought I had reviewed it. I had a glass while going through my football scores this evening, and I double-checked the blog to see if my thoughts had changed. Of course, then I realized I had never reviewed it! What folly! I am here to fix that this evening.  This is carried primarily through Target, which you know is my second home, and where my friend D gets a ton of the wines I review here. Anyway, the small wine cube is very affordable- usually about $4.99. One of these yields three glasses of wine, which lasts me about three weeks these days (one glass a week, usually. Sadly, no joke). They have four or five reds, three whites. A good balance.

The cab is very smooth, very fruity. When you open it up and get a whiff of it, you immediately get fruit. It’s well balanced and not overly acidic. When you actually try the wine, you get sweet berries, some spice but not a lot, a little bit of clove, some plum flavors, and a bit of cherry to round it off. It’s a fragrant wine, even when you let it sit out for a while. I drank the one glass over four hours, and it was still as good after sitting here that whole time. It lost nothing of the fullness, nothing of the pleasant taste, nothing of the aroma, nothing! Usually exposed to air, something changes. Nothing seemed to here- it stayed pretty consistent. I love that in a red wine. I had it with tacos, and it worked, which I didn’t think was possible. I will definitely drink this again- it wasn’t super hearty, it wasn’t super light, it was medium bodied and perfect in every sense. Definitely a fan. Alcohol content is 12.% so a little on the light side; don’t plan on being messed up from this vintage; it is a sipping, relaxing sort of wine.

You can pick up the Wine Cube in a box also; those retail around $19.99; although lately, I’ve seen them for $14.99 during peak times of year, summertime, etc. I think you should probably pair this with burgers, BBQ chicken, roast chicken, things of that nature. The heavy duty meat artillery should be kept to the merlot of this blend. The cab is for lighter fare. If you’re doing a cheese, I would recommend Parmesan Reggiano, Bellavitano, or Alehouse Cheddar. Lighter cheeses with a strong flavor work well with this wine. If you’re pairing with a dessert, I would say chocolate mousse would work well; or even a crème brulee would work well. No matter how you go, pick it up and give it a shot, it’s delicious.


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I read a ridiculous amount of books in a ridiculously quick amount of time. I read everything- fiction, history, sports, political science, fantasy, young adults, kids, romance- everything. I have worked in books almost half of my life now, and I never get bored with them. I need an outlet for books, where I can reach many people who may or may not give a fig about my opinions. I'm kind of known for rambling about books, so I figure it's about time I get off my lazy ass and take it to the blogosphere, where I have had the great luck of meeting many wonderful people inflicted with this book-disease. Personal stuff? Not much. I work too much, I'm single so I have more time to deal with this and less to deal with BS. I'm a die-hard Duranie and 80's fan. I am way too entertained with social media and astrology(for those of you who give a fig, I'm a Capricorn, or the sexier description- a seagoat.) for mine and the world's- own good. Only insanity can result from me blogging. That said, here goes!

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