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Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon (5 out of 5)



Well, kids, this one comes courtesy of D. Surprise! One of my other wine blog followers mentioned this wine months back (thanks!) and here I am, finally reviewing it. I got this three weeks back and was waiting on a special occasion. The last time Nicole took my dad and I to Hines, the aggravation level with the staff brought me to an altar where I felt this needed to be opened and tried. So I did that. And oh lord, what a revelation! Exactly what I needed.

This is a wine not for the faint of heart, or the faint, in general. It’s a higher alcohol content than some other wines I’ve had in months past, so proceed with caution. And make sure you have food in your stomach! If you do this on an empty stomach, well, find the closest port-a-potty because you’re going to be making a new acquaintance! On the nose,aromas of strong pungency, earthiness, and spice get you immediately. I let this wine breathe, and it STILL was kicking a hour later, as far as aroma went. This is a cabernet sauvignon, but it’s not your normal cabernet. If you’ve had Menage A Trois or Coppola, it’s in that category of cabernets that will take the wood off of your cabinet, if you get my drift. This is a dark, almost blackish wine in color that packs plenty of punch in the spice department. F-Zero joined me for a glass and whoa! serious spice. Have a glass of wine nearby, or better yet, a gallon! Taste-wise, very strong flavors of berries, cherries, cassis (what a word, what a kick!), slight anise, and tobacco, chocolate, oak, and coffee. In one wine. Unbelievable how well all of this mixes together. Not a lot of room for oohing and aahing here, folks. You drink this sucker to drink this sucker. Savor it, you will, but again, if you want to play fish in a barrel with a water gun, this is not the wine to do that with. This is a fully loaded Uzi, my friends. Cherish it!

I had this wine with chicken breast; next time, it definitely needs some steak or prime rib! It’s that bountiful of a vintage, and needs an equally impressive meal to pair with the best and show off its true colors. And it would go incredibly well with 90% dark chocolate, no question. It retails for $9.99 but if you didn’t know better, you would think it’s a full-priced red. Simply put, one of the best cabs I’ve had in a long, long time. Highly recommended!