Changes, Changes, Changes..AND TWO BROTHERS WOBBLE PALE INDIA ALE (4 out of 5)


THEHUB - WIN_20150504_213628

This is me on just a teeny bit of this Two Brothers Wobble India Pale Ale. WOO HOO. I LIKE this stuff. It does NOT beat Laguintas, but it’s pretty fucking close. And great.

NOW…before I go further, I get to break news to you- my blog is now being sponsored! So that means starting June 1st, you will see some ads pop up. Don’t worry, be happy, drink whatever you’re drinking, and ignore them. It’s all part of the process. The most exciting part of this is that I now get paid to blog about wine…as with all major changes, the format, the layout, the font, everything about the blog will be changing. Instead of just wine, I’m now blogging about wine, beer, and other spirits. I’m opening up the realm more and inviting fellow drinkers to guest blog on here. You will see my ugly mug because the sponsors want the readers to see me with whatever I’m drinking and blogging about. NOT all of them, thank goodness, or I’d lose y’all! But anyhow- big changes are coming. I was going to do a huge changeover at the same time, but time is not on my side, so I’m doing a little at a time. The title of the blog will stay the same. So- any recommendations, ideas, etc..are MOST WELCOME! I look forward to your thoughts, my loyal followers.

Now, back to this evening’s selection. Let me tell you a bit about Two Brothers. They’re a local brewery and family owned business located in Warrenville, Illinois. They’ve been around since 1996; but by some weird consequence, I had never run into them until this year. That’s when my friend Raz’s girlfriend Karen guided me toward their gluten-free beer (review coming later this week). I ran into several other of their brews at Trader Joe’s when Nicole and I went shopping a couple of weeks back. This one has 6.3% alcohol content and an IBU (International Bittering Unit) of 69 per 12 oz. bottle. The label is pretty cool; it has a ying yang symbol in full wobble; and a lime colored label. Very easy to spot on the shelf in a Trader Joe’s, especially as dark as the one by me is at times.

This ale really grew on me quick. I’m still working my way around beers; I’m more of a wine person usually. However, in the summertime, I almost always drink beer. Now I have an excuse to really branch out and try some new brewski. This is a solid golden color. It tastes like grapefruit and citrusy tones, with some finishing tastes of mint. At least it tastes like mint. So it goes from citrus to mint. There’s also some tinge of bitter aftertaste; and still something that I cannot identify that’s a bit heady. (Pine?). Again, I’m new to this so if this review sounds ludicrous, please, by all means, let me know what word I should be using. Anyhow, it’s a light, distinguishable taste and not at all like any that I’ve had. The thing that killed it for me was the bitterness after the initial tasting. There’s a whole lotta malt taste to this ale, so be prepared for that. But I did like it quite a bit, considering I’m new to this sort of ale. I will have to investigate more of the Two Brothers beers. I really did enjoy the complexity of the ale and would definitely recommend it again.


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