Kennebunkport Brewing Company (KBC, not TCB) Blueberry Wheat Ale (0 out of 5)



I saw “Blueberry Wheat Ale” and thought- Mother of Greek Toast, THIS is the infamous Blueberry beer that Dave M. got me hooked on at some infamous gathering of the former bookstore crowd years ago! Now I wish I had listened to him (not something I say often; those who know Dave know why I say that). This was definitely NOT the blueberry beer I was seeking. I spotted this at TJ’s and thought “It’s got to be”. I think I may have made a joke that “KBC” is close to “KFC” and hopefully didn’t suck as bad. Remind me not to joke again of such matters. BLECH!

Kennebunkport (Kennedyphiles will be thrilled with that) Brewing Company’s Blueberry Wheat Ale is NOT only weak and watery, but it’s barely got enough flavor to qualify as ANYTHING besides some light ale with a tinge of blueberry. It’s supposed to be 4.6% ABV(Alcohol By Volume) but I find that hard to swallow-literally! I drank most of it, but there’s only so much watery piss that I can choke down before I give up and find another more satisfying ale. This was the case here. Thin blueberry flavor is not an attractive attribute in an ale that markets itself as a “fruit beer”. This almost tasted like light pale ale with blueberry flavored liquid enhancer added. THAT is not a good thing, friends. Nothing about this tasted great. It was an all around flat tasting ale. I wouldn’t even call it ale. I would call it Coors Light with Blueberry Flavoring. And a funky, skunky smell once you pop the cap. No joke. If I didn’t know better, I’d say one of my former pothead exes was there in spirit, emanating from the bottle. The label- no great shakes, friends. Not to distinguish it from the next ale on the shelf at TJ’s. Maybe that’s because there’s no reason to call it special.

So my strongest advice would be to not even give it a fair swing at the ballpark. It’s not worth the attempt, even. I’m sad that I thought this would be the blueberry ale to end all blueberry ales. Instead, it was the worst fruit beer I have tried thus far (not many, but really, it’s fucking awful, stay away). STAY AWAY.


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