GUEST POST! GUEST POST! Mr. Dylan Marx reviews CUPCAKE ANGEL FOOD CAKE wine (3 out of 5)




This is a guest post by my friend, Mr. Dylan Marx. Most of you who read and follow this blog know him by “D”. I have a habit of giving nicknames to my closest friends. I’ve known D since 2003, when he started working at the Western Springs BAM with me. We used to have cart races- and no, I don’t mean sitting around on carts rolling around the store and jousting- ALTHOUGH that thought did occur! We used to each take a cart and see who could shelve it faster. In time, we began hitting restaurants and trying different wines. D and I differ in one major way; I love reds and he loves whites. That hasn’t stopped many discussions on the pros and cons of both; nor has it stopped him from getting me new reds to try. About a month ago, the blog got sponsored, so now I’m being paid to post these reviews. I told Dylan, as he was trying this very wine that he’s reviewing here. They encourage guest posts, and I’m really ashamed that I didn’t think of this sooner, honestly. So, due to the fact that he’s a oenophile and a good friend, he gets the first guest post here. Here’s Dylan’s review of Cupcake Vineyards Angel Food Cake Wine. This is largely his review; I tweaked a few things here and there, with his approval.

Cupcake Vineyards Angel Food Cake Wine is an enjoyable bottle of wine. It’s got a nice label and an enjoyable aroma with a very pleasant fruity taste. What does Cupcake Vineyards have to say about this wine? “Angel Food is a luscious, aromatic and delicate blend based on Chardonnay, with a small percentage of esoteric white varietals. Experience flavors of baked Granny Smith apple, hints of toasty vanilla and caramel, which leave a long creamy finish.” That’s verbatim. What does Dylan say about this wine? “Most importantly- WHATEVER YOU DO FOR GODSAKE, CHILL THIS BEFORE DRINKING! GET IT COLD ASAP!. Otherwise that Chardonnay/Granny Smith kicks you a kick of sour aftertaste when you swallow your first sip of this wine. Definitely a pleasant sipping wine more suitable for summer, and to be served ICED COLD with a fruit plate or soft, mild cheeses. If I didn’t stress this enough, then fine, but you will regret drinking this wine warm!”

My reaction? “Chardonnay base? Blegh!” I did, however, try a couple of sips warm, and it wasn’t a smart move on my part. It’s fine at first, but that aftertaste? Similar to drinking liquefied sour apple mash! Once Dylan poured it over ice cubes and let it chill a bit, it was much more bearable, but again, not my real area of joy. It boasts a 13.0% alcohol rating, so it can mess you up if you drink enough and eat too little (guilty as charged, your honor). Cupcake recommends pairing it with pancetta wrapped dates, Chinese food, fondue or peach cobbler- so NICOLE, this is the perfect wine for you! I think D and I had gluten-free lasagna that evening, and it went ok. Never mind that I had another red going, that never stopped me before. D stuck with the this one, and ended up liking it- but CHILLED. Like most whites, if you drink it warm, well, don’t expect the fruity flavors to flourish. Except them to flounder. So- Dylan gives this one 3 stars out of 5, because it’s a pleasant momentary diversion, but not a long lasting courtship.

This is Dylan and I at Salt Creek Wine Bar, in Brookfield, back in February, 2011, for their annual Mardi Gras celebration. Thank you, Dylan, for being an incredible accomplice in many culinary and wine adventures over the years. To those who weren’t aware, Dylan was also the person who suggested this blog and actually ended up naming it. So, he really is to thank for this even existing. Thanks, D!


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