Two Brothers Prairie Path Ale (5 out of 5)



I became aware of this brewery because they’re local. My friend Sheila has mentioned them many times (as well as her brother working there), and then I had posted on Facebook asking for gluten-free beer recommendations. I tried Omission, because the lovely Karen S. recommended it. And I liked it. I like to have a variety of ales to choose from, though, so she mentioned it. Sheila then jumped on and also recommended it. TWO people at the same time recommending an ale to me? I’m going to take that challenge. I haven’t regretted it since.

Two Brothers is a local brewery out of Warrenville, Illinois. I didn’t expect to like this ale as much as I did. I had tried another of their ales last month and enjoyed it greatly. This one? Even more so. Where to begin? This ale has a wonderful golden color, slightly amber, and not a lot of foam after the initial pour – not a darker ale by any means, like some I had tried recently. It has full flavor, and has a slightly bitter finish to it. If you don’t like ale that has a slightly bitter flavor, then you should look elsewhere. If this meets your palate requirements, well, the Saaz and Goldings hops will make this a pleasant overall drinking experience. ABV (alcohol by volume) on this ale is 5.1%, so not a tipple in a canoe, nor a jay-walk in the park.

I like that it was a gluten free ale; also really enjoyed the lightness of the ale throughout- it didn’t bog down at the beginning, middle, or end. It was a crisp, refreshing ale with just a hint of bitterness to zazz things up. It was the same drinking experience all the way through, which isn’t always the case. You can find Two Brothers just about anywhere, but my favorite place is Trader Joe’s, and they always have it in stock. It’s something that you should definitely explore and enjoy.


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