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2010 Incognito Red Wine Blend (5 out of 5)



Fucking A! That’s All I Can Say!!!!!
Barely a glass, and I’m slightly toasted like a baguette.
Red Wine blend consists of Syrah, Carignane, Mourvedre, Souzao, Tannat, Cinsaut, Petit Syrah, and Merlot. That’s a lot of varietals I’ve NEVER heard of.
This wine is 2010 and is a product of Michael David Winery in Lodi, California.
Alcohol 14.5% by volume.
Level of incomprehension: Totally toasted. Not even a glass.
The nose on this wine barely registers; it’s not a wine to be smelled, but tasted. Not big on the nose, but amazing in the mouth! Yee Haw!
Holy crap. Hearty and a lot of different flavors jump out at you; it’s got a ton of different flavors going on. The only thing I can discern for sure is black pepper and what tastes like black currant. It’s got a heavy handed aftertaste, but it’s a GOOD aftertaste. As in, let’s drink more of this mother! Of course, by doing that, you may get your socks handed to you by Pennywise, b/c this wine kicks your ass (14.5&, no joker, no smoker, only a touch of midnight toker).
But overall- good shit! Find someone that carries it or order it online at WORTH IT!


Gingerbread Spice Southern Comfort (5 out of 5)


THEHUB - WIN_20150705_162830

Well, Dylan found this one on the shelf at his Walgreen’s. I wasn’t aware it existed, but oh, was I thrilled! I love gingerbread normally; Southern Comfort is my favorite whiskey, so how bad could this combination be? Not at all bad, it turns out!

Let’s do the numbers first, shall we? The Gingerbread Spice is 30 proof and 15% volume by alcohol. It retails for $11.99 and originally was intended for the holiday season, having been released in October, 2014. However, it’s still being made and is still on shelves, according to their Facebook website, when I inquired about the availability of it year round. So yay for those of us weirdos who love gingerbread all year round, and with our whiskey, no less!

This is a very smooth liquor. Regular Southern Comfort? Once upon a time (known fondly as ages 21-25), I could drink it straight. Then it started bothering me, so I began mixing it with the old favorite, Diet Coke (gag, I did writing it). I drank that for a few years, then I discovered Coke Zero and that was my favorite mix as of yet. But make no mistake, if I have regular SoCo, I have to mix it with something. This? I don’t need to do that! It’s perfect as is. And it’s very, very smooth. Which, if you’re me and drinking it, could lead to drinking more than you intend (Also guilty! See my current Facebook picture for the effects of drinking quite a bit of this pleasant libation). What could you pair this with? Well, I paired it with hot dogs, sausages, and tomato mozzarella veggie burgers from Trader Joe’s, and it went well. I would suggest hearty fare for dinner, whether it was a grilling meat bonanza like this evening, steak, or burgers. Don’t eat a fucking salad and drink this! That would be my advice. Overall, though, if you like whiskey with some serious cinnamon action, this is just the thing for you to enjoy.

Albero Spanish Red Wine (2014 Monastrell)…. (2 out of 5)



Oh, this was a misstep. Nicole accompanied me to Trader Joe’s on Sunday after the calamity known as work. Usually, I get awesome wines. I was so out of sorts from the oddness of the day that my wine radar must have been switched to Radius Zero. Sadly, this bottle of wine was NOT a joy to drink. So much that I may try to foist it upon the lovely Nicole, for I have no desire to finish drinking it. Sadly.

I have never heard of Albero wines until I saw several- I got the red wine blend, because I enjoy blends a lot. This one starts with a nice dark cherry red color, and has strong tasting notes of blackberry, blueberry, grape jam, and a whole lot of spice. The nose on this bottle when it was aerated for awhile? Was a dark, somewhat musty odor, which didn’t lend much in the way of excitement toward the eventual drinking of the wine. Sort of like opening that closet in your house that had mold growing in it for years? That’s what I was reminded of when I tried to get a sense of fragrance with this vintage. The wine itself is a pretty smooth texture and makes for a pleasurable drinking experience, but the problem is that the fruits and overall aviance of the wine come off as bitter and musty, not fruity and delightfully airy. There’s a ton of serious complexity with all of those flavors intermingling, but the long term problem is that it adds up to a big bust. I had one glass and swigged with mineral water and Sierra Mist for a long while after I was finished- I could not get the bitter, acrid taste out of my mouth. Blech!

This bottle retails for $6.99; as do all of the Albero wines that Trader Joe’s carries. In that line, also available are a White Wine Blend, Rose, and Tempranillo. Hopefully your experience with this Spanish Red Wine Blend or any of their other blends is not similar to my experience with this wine. I would pass on it and head off to another region.