Albero Spanish Red Wine (2014 Monastrell)…. (2 out of 5)



Oh, this was a misstep. Nicole accompanied me to Trader Joe’s on Sunday after the calamity known as work. Usually, I get awesome wines. I was so out of sorts from the oddness of the day that my wine radar must have been switched to Radius Zero. Sadly, this bottle of wine was NOT a joy to drink. So much that I may try to foist it upon the lovely Nicole, for I have no desire to finish drinking it. Sadly.

I have never heard of Albero wines until I saw several- I got the red wine blend, because I enjoy blends a lot. This one starts with a nice dark cherry red color, and has strong tasting notes of blackberry, blueberry, grape jam, and a whole lot of spice. The nose on this bottle when it was aerated for awhile? Was a dark, somewhat musty odor, which didn’t lend much in the way of excitement toward the eventual drinking of the wine. Sort of like opening that closet in your house that had mold growing in it for years? That’s what I was reminded of when I tried to get a sense of fragrance with this vintage. The wine itself is a pretty smooth texture and makes for a pleasurable drinking experience, but the problem is that the fruits and overall aviance of the wine come off as bitter and musty, not fruity and delightfully airy. There’s a ton of serious complexity with all of those flavors intermingling, but the long term problem is that it adds up to a big bust. I had one glass and swigged with mineral water and Sierra Mist for a long while after I was finished- I could not get the bitter, acrid taste out of my mouth. Blech!

This bottle retails for $6.99; as do all of the Albero wines that Trader Joe’s carries. In that line, also available are a White Wine Blend, Rose, and Tempranillo. Hopefully your experience with this Spanish Red Wine Blend or any of their other blends is not similar to my experience with this wine. I would pass on it and head off to another region.


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