Gingerbread Spice Southern Comfort (5 out of 5)


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Well, Dylan found this one on the shelf at his Walgreen’s. I wasn’t aware it existed, but oh, was I thrilled! I love gingerbread normally; Southern Comfort is my favorite whiskey, so how bad could this combination be? Not at all bad, it turns out!

Let’s do the numbers first, shall we? The Gingerbread Spice is 30 proof and 15% volume by alcohol. It retails for $11.99 and originally was intended for the holiday season, having been released in October, 2014. However, it’s still being made and is still on shelves, according to their Facebook website, when I inquired about the availability of it year round. So yay for those of us weirdos who love gingerbread all year round, and with our whiskey, no less!

This is a very smooth liquor. Regular Southern Comfort? Once upon a time (known fondly as ages 21-25), I could drink it straight. Then it started bothering me, so I began mixing it with the old favorite, Diet Coke (gag, I did writing it). I drank that for a few years, then I discovered Coke Zero and that was my favorite mix as of yet. But make no mistake, if I have regular SoCo, I have to mix it with something. This? I don’t need to do that! It’s perfect as is. And it’s very, very smooth. Which, if you’re me and drinking it, could lead to drinking more than you intend (Also guilty! See my current Facebook picture for the effects of drinking quite a bit of this pleasant libation). What could you pair this with? Well, I paired it with hot dogs, sausages, and tomato mozzarella veggie burgers from Trader Joe’s, and it went well. I would suggest hearty fare for dinner, whether it was a grilling meat bonanza like this evening, steak, or burgers. Don’t eat a fucking salad and drink this! That would be my advice. Overall, though, if you like whiskey with some serious cinnamon action, this is just the thing for you to enjoy.


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