Labor Day! Let’s Get Drunk on Some Cabernet! G’s Top 10 Cabernets.


Don’t get too excited with this post. I haven’t had many wines or other spirits of late that bore much excitement in ways of turning you all onto new wines and spirits to try. So.. here are my top 10 cabs to try. I hope you try, agree, come back with feedback on some of them, or better yet, recommend some new ones for me to try! Always open for suggestions from my wonderful followers!

1. 2011 Louis Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon- Pretty much my newest favorite cab. This one came as a gift from my best friend. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it, except I did. (see review from two weeks ago).

2. Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon- I discovered this one around Christmas last year. What a fun discovery. My friend Dylan found this one. This is a hearty fare, with wonderful, lasting notes of berries, cherries, cassis, anise, chocolate, and coffee. What a delicious blend. Again, a higher alcohol content, so you may want to make sure you have some delicious food stuffs with this one. I would recommend a steak or prime rib. No flimsy little McDouble from McDonald’s or crappy burger will compliment this one. Nothing less than steak will do.

3. Bone Dry Cabernet- This one goes back a few years. It was available around Halloween a few years back. Not sure if it’s available all year round, but wow, what a great little surprise around that time of year. I love any sort of mulled wines around the harvest time, but this one was bone curdling delicious. Tasting notes of lush berry and chocolate notes throughout. It’s got major flavor on the palette, but not so much that you’ll need a bottle of Excedrin for the aftermath. Just a really, really good cab for the witching hour.

4. Beringer Founders Estate Cabernet Sauvignon- This one was another surprise. I tried and loved the 2010 one, but I’m sure they’re still making it and it’s still as fantastic. I shouldn’t always say that, however, because you can never count on Mother Nature and your wine vines to peacefully coexist and produce the same flavor as the harvest before. This one has some great notes of cassis, blackberries, and a whole ton of spice. It’s a fragrant, flavorful wine. Perfect for pulled pork.

5. Yellow Tail Big Bold Red- I’m cheating here. I have no idea if this is actually a cabernet, because Yellow Tail has made it the biggest mystery this side of “Why do the Kardashians Matter?”. I highly suspect there is some cabernet here, and maybe a dash of pinot. But mostly cabernet. This is one delicious and affordable wine. Lots of strawberries and raspeberries in this one. Seriously good wine.


6. Barefoot Cabernet- One of the “Old Reliables” that I can always count on. Not only that, but affordable and easy to find. Your neighborhood Walgreens or CVS almost always have it. This one is a simple, good glass of cabernet for that lunch rush crowd. It’s a very light cabernet, so not a high impact from this one. Wildberry, oak, cloves, and some small bit of plum round out this tasty little wine.

7. Sutter Home Cabernet- This is always available at my favorite bar, Time-Out Countryside. I can ALWAYS count on them having it. As with the Barefoot, Sutter Home is a well-known, affordable, and light and easy wine to find at pretty much any neighborhood grocery, drugstore, or liquor store. It’s another cab that I would deem “lunch crowd wine”.. which means you could have a glass with your lunch and go back to work, while not really having to worry about it having a detrimental effect on your productivity. I’m NOT encouraging it, people, just saying! This light, fun wine has notes of cherries and light vanilla notes. No heavy spice here, just some good flavor. Old Reliable indeed.

8. Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace Cabernet- No, it’s not a KISS cover band playing at the world famous Colorado arena…it’s a pretty fantastic cabernet. I have gone to several weddings in the past two years (several. Many of my friends wised up and don’t take that final step). The last one I attended was two weeks ago. My friend got married and THIS was the cabernet that they had. Good lord, I almost died! Delicious, delicious, delicious. Also, from what they told me at the reception, terribly hard to find and also a bit on the expensive side (anywhere from $59-$136 a bottle). Shazzbot! Not having any of that, unless I’m at a wedding! However, for those of you who have wine cellars and are always looking for great wine (or those who are looking at vintages for matrimonial nonsense), THIS cabernet should be on your list, or your final offer… It’s notes are dark, hearty, but the finish is light, with cherry, mint, and black currant. The mint in the tasting notes really livens it up, believe it or not! A little of this goes a long, long way!

9. Winking Owl Cabernet- Your typical broke-ass retail worker would NOT have a list complete without some cheap wine to complete it. I HAD to throw this onto the list. Cheap, light, affordable, and available at your nearby bag-less grocery chain, Aldi. It retails for 3.59 a bottle currently, and it’s perfect for a grill-out. It’s incredibly light and has just enough flavor to keep you from flaming out at the picnic table. This one has flavor of blackberry, plum, and vanilla present. Good flavor, but if you want Lights Out, London, France, Some Hot Guy Take My Underpants, well, this is NOT the way you want to go, but it’s a fun, quick drink.

10. Beaulieu Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon-I tried this at a wine tasting with some jackass a few months ago. The only worthwhile thing about the cabs I experienced that evening (the ones I drank, and the one home without the jackass with me) was this blend. It retails for around $15-20 a bottle, but has outstanding flavor. A fuller tasting cab rounded out with lush blackberry, black currant, plum, and cedar notes on the finish. It’s not a lightweight cab, so be careful with the consumption of said cab, but you won’t regret a moment of it!

Well, that’s my list of top 10 Cabernets as of right now. I hope to have some new wines for you next week, to celebrate my two year anniversary here on the blog! TWO YEARS! I’m up to 2,003 wonderful followers. I appreciate all of you and your feedback on anything and everything. I hope this top 10 list finds you some new ones, reminds you of some old ones, and brings you to my door with some new recommendations. Always looking for new wines to try!


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  1. I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying reading through some of the posts. I really enjoyed this one and wanted to say thank you for sharing. The Beringer Founders Estate and YT Big Bold Red have been favorites for a while now, but I am interested in trying some of the others. Thanks again for sharing you reviews!

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