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Cupcake Vineyard- Black Forest Wine (4 out of 5)



D gave this bottle to me for Thanksgiving. He felt I could use a new wine. New inspiration, a new blog post. Thanksgiving, friends. That was a month ago! I haven’t posted on the blog since October. That was the Honey Bourbon that I was enamored with. So almost two and a half months since I posted here. To my followers who have emailed me (I love you all) about why I wasn’t on here, full disclosure- a bad depression period between October and November. and then the holidays. I know, it doesn’t fully start until December for most of you, but I work RETAIL. And that starts in October. So.. I’ve been busy…and I’ve also been drinking less. But in the spirit (of spirits), I have begun drinking here and there again, in moderation. So you will see more posts here and there. This is a new Cupcake Vineyard entry. I saw black forest, and thought of cake. So good job, Dylan- you know me well! It wasn’t as wonderous as a big honkin’ piece of cake would be, but I will not complain, because it’s magically delicious.

This is a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfadel, Petite Sirah, and Petite Verdot. It’s quite a blend. It’s a heady blend, on the heartier side. The nose is also quite pungent when you uncork it. After aerating it, still packs quite a wallop a hour and half later. This wine is a beautiful purple hue that speaks widely of berries, spice, and hints of chocolate. 13.5% alcohol content guarantees a punch, and it delivers in spades. This is definitely a wine that is best paired with a steak, prime rib, or some spicy tenderloin. I would highly recommend it for the wine lover/carnivore who demands an elegant, full-bodied wine to match their nightly meal.