DMH Primitivo Wine (1 out of 5)



This wine, sadly, was not the least bit remarkable. I had the bottle for a while, but had a glass on Christmas night to try it. For every one hundred bottles D gets me, there’s one stinker in the bunch. This one was it. I have no idea where he got it (he couldn’t remember, but thought Trader Joe’s). Regardless, not a lot to write home about on this one.

If you google this, it gives you a ballpark estimate of $11 a bottle. Some websites had it at $17. Don’t do it, friends. It was a very dark purple wine, very pungent on the nose, and once it had been uncorked and aerated, it seemed to become more strong, instead of softening up the palette somewhat. The label says dark cherries, chocolate, and spice. I got a lot of what tasted like black currant and vinegar. Not very good. D tried a glass to see and he was also not impressed by it, although he tasted more of the cherry notes that are supposedly present. I was not at all wowed or zowed by this wine. I would encourage you to give another wine a shot and pass this by. Keep on walking. Keep on walking.


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I read a ridiculous amount of books in a ridiculously quick amount of time. I read everything- fiction, history, sports, political science, fantasy, young adults, kids, romance- everything. I have worked in books almost half of my life now, and I never get bored with them. I need an outlet for books, where I can reach many people who may or may not give a fig about my opinions. I'm kind of known for rambling about books, so I figure it's about time I get off my lazy ass and take it to the blogosphere, where I have had the great luck of meeting many wonderful people inflicted with this book-disease. Personal stuff? Not much. I work too much, I'm single so I have more time to deal with this and less to deal with BS. I'm a die-hard Duranie and 80's fan. I am way too entertained with social media and astrology(for those of you who give a fig, I'm a Capricorn, or the sexier description- a seagoat.) for mine and the world's- own good. Only insanity can result from me blogging. That said, here goes!

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