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The Tale of Two Sweet Saturday Night Wines


This is a great tale. Not of brave Ulysses, but of two wines duking it out for prominence. Both were light, sweet, and rose, dessert type of wines. Usually not what I am writing about. Usually not what I’m drinking. However, D and I were shopping and getting things for the ill-fated coffee party that was supposed to take place tonight, and as usual, the wine aisle was the most time spent at Trader Joe’s. We spotted one that sounded good; a cranberry wine. It’s Secco cranberry wine. I thought to myself, “well if anyone is sick of coffee, they can have a light wine with all of the dessert items we are getting.” Let’s be honest, you all know me, I thought “this sounds delicious. I think nothing of fondling cranberries, why not drink cranberry wine instead?” Not only a good idea in public, to fondle cranberries. So I got the Secco. I tried to upload an image for the blog, and this is not really what the bottle looks like, but it’s the same vineyard on the bottle. Image

This wine is fabulous. I definitely give it a 4. It makes me want to go out and try more light wines. It’s also easier on my stomach. One glass of my normal and I would be hurting, but this went down smooth. It is pleasantly fizzy, and I’m sure the palette would be delighted even more than it was had we actually drank this wine with what it should have been paired with (according to the bottle, fish, salad, etc). D and I were eating leftover Taco Bell tacos and pizza. Regardless of this grave culinary sin, we were both delighted with this fizzy pleasure. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light wine for a light meal. I award this one 4 wineglasses!

On the other hand, our second wine that we got was not as impressive. That one is Espiral Vinho Rose’. I think I found it. I think it was the damned label that caught my eye and kept it. It’s like that one night stand that looks so good in the bar lights but the second you get him under real light you realize you’ve been flirting it up with Steven Seagal. For the record, this is the bottle.                   Image

Now do your best to avoid it. I have had much worse wine, but this is remarkably unremarkable. It’s described as “light, fruity, and fizzy and going well with shellfish.” How shellfish of them to claim this. It was fizzy for a bit, but it falls flat quickly. The taste quickly disappears as well, and if you have that combination, nothing will save that bitch. This is the case here. It’s just OK. There is nothing about this that would ever make me buy it again or recommend it to friends. I would likely recommend the Secco instead, but I have a feeling that’s a seasonal wine. That’s a shame. Too bad this sucker isn’t the seasonal wine that disappears after the holidays. I give this one 2 wineglasses.